Foot Orthotics Murrieta

Foot Orthotics Murrieta

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Orthotic therapy in Murrieta

Orthotic therapy is the use of Foot Orthotics Murrieta to provide arch support, to correct the alignment of the foot and to add cushioning to the foot that needs it. An orthotic is a custom- made insole that’s made of plastic, rubber or other materials. There are a wide variety of orthotics that are made to help correct various foot problems.

Prescription Foot Orthotics Murrieta are created and customized to meet the needs of each individual patient’s foot problem. Before orthotics can be prescribed, a professional podiatrist like ours at Temecula Valley Podiatry will have to do a complete evaluation of the patient’s feet, ankles, and legs so they orthotics can accommodate the patient’s unique foot structure. Podiatrists can use orthotics to treat many foot conditions, which include but aren’t limited to: plantar fasciitis, bursitis, tendonitis, foot, ankle and heel pain as well as diabetic foot ulcers. Clinical research studies have shown that custom-created foot orthotics that are prescribed by podiatrists improve foot function and decrease the patient’s foot pain. There are two main categories for orthotics: functional orthotics and accommodative orthotics. The purpose of functional orthotics is to control the abnormal movement. Functional orthodontics are used for: treating foot pain caused by abnormal motion and to treat certain injuries such as tendinitis and shin splints. They are typically created with semi-rigid materials like plastic or graphite. The purpose of accommodative orthotics is to provide cushioning and support and therefore, they are much softer. The can be used to treat painful calluses that are located on the bottom of the foot and diabetic foot ulcers and other very uncomfortable conditions. Although orthotics are more expensive than inserts you find at the store, they are more effective and reliable so it’s worth it. Because store inserts aren’t custom made, they won’t address a patient’s individual foot problems like one prescribed by a professional podiatrist will.

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