Orthotics in Temecula

Orthotics in Temecula

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Orthotic therapy in Temecula

Temecula Valley Podiatry provides orthotics in Temecula for patients who need them to ease foot pain and heel pain. Our office in Temecula treats all different types of foot conditions, such as diabetic foot and wound care, ankle and foot fractures, ingrown toenails and endoscopic surgery for heel pain. For fungal nails we use topical or oral antifungals.

Heel pain for orthotics in Temecula can happen due to overuse, running shoes with poor support, running too much, or landing hard on the heel. Our office believes in using minimally invasive procedures so that patients can get back to work and their everyday life as soon as possible. We treat problems like corns and calluses and create foot orthotics for patients. Foot Orthotics are specially made shoes for patients who need them to walk better due to issues such as bunions, hammer toe and diabetic feet. We will adjust and conform them to each patient’s feet. Our foot orthotics in Temecula for patients who need special shoes help them feel more comfortable when they are on their feet.

We also treat foot problems like Achilles tendonitis, which can create pain in the heel due to inflammation. Over time, the pain gets worse and it makes it difficult to walk. This can be due to wearing improper footwear with poor heel support. We also specialize in diabetics who have foot problems. Because diabetes affects the eyes and kidneys, it can also cause poor circulation which affects the feet. Numbness and infection can be a real danger to diabetics who have foot problems. We know you’ll see the difference between us and other practices because of our commitment to quality, customer service and our commitment to always offer our patients the latest in advanced foot medicine and practices.

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