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Bunions in Dutch Village

Podiatry Office Dutch Village
Podiatry Office Dutch Village

Bunions are small, bony protrusions, but they can be responsible for big pain. They form at the base of your big toe, just where the joint attaches to the rest of the foot. Here at Temecula Valley Podiatry, you will be examined, diagnosed, and treated for bunions. In addition, we are pleased to offer valuable guidance to help you avoid recurrences.

The reason that a bunion develops in the first place is because there is too much pressure being put on your big toe joint. That pressure is due to having flat feet, the way in which you walk, or having shoes that are too tight around the toe area. It will probably come as no surprise to discover that women get bunions more often, since they are more likely to wear high-heeled shoes and other footwear that squeezes the toes. It is often difficult to walk normally when you have a bunion. If it hurts when you walk, going about your normal routine becomes a challenge. That’s where our podiatry office in Dutch Village comes in. Treatments for bunions can range from doing nothing at all, which is only when there is an obvious physical sign of a bunion but no pain or discomfort yet; to the use of shoe inserts (orthotics) and all the way to surgery for the most severe cases. Shoe inserts from our podiatry office in Dutch Village, in the form of bunion pads or arch supports, are typically effective. They redistribute how your weight sits on your foot, and thereby relieve the pressure on your toe joint. You should also consider switching to more comfortable shoes.

Our podiatry office in Dutch Village is pleased to be of service when you have a bunion. Don’t suffer needlessly. Call us and book a convenient time to come in and have yours addressed.

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